Jim Ostgren surveying in 1968

      Ostgren Construction was started in 1958 as a partnership between Jim Ostgren and Harold “Gus” Johnston.  It was originally named “Johnston & Ostgren Earthmoving.”  The company specialized in agricultural earth moving and land leveling serving mainly the Holdrege and Phelps County farm community. In 1969 Jim bought out his partner Gus and the business became known as “Jim Ostgren Construction.”  In 1972 a shop building and office were constructed 1 mile east and 1.5 miles north of Holdrege which continues to be the companies location to this day.  In the year 2000 Jim’s two sons, Dennis and Don, bought the company and took charge of the business. 

          From 1958 to the present we have made many modifications to our fleet of equipment and some adjustments in the type of work we do in order to best serve the Holdrege and Phelps County area.  Our main area of expertise and concern though has never changed.  We continue to concentrate on serving the agricultural and farm community in our area.

A D7 Cat pulling a scraper in 1958.

A 615C elevetor scraper using laser guided technology in 1998, our 40th year in business.

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