Agricultural Projects:     Hire us to make sure you are getting the most out of the land you work. 

-Feedlot development and expansion

-Feedlot maintenance

-Pivot development

-Terrace development, rebuilding, and removal

-Water Reuse Pit development and cleaning

-Land leveling

-Drain grading and/or cleaning

-Pivot track and washout filling

-Grain bin and fertilizer tank site over-excavation and compaction

Demolition:  We will work with you to find the safest, most affordable, and fastest way to take down, or get any structure out of your sight.  We follow the guidlines and regulations of the DEQ and take care of obtaining local burn permits and/or any other documents or permits needed. 

-Tree Removal

-Concrete removal

-House, Building, and Farmstead removal

-Grain Bin Demolition

Government, Municipal and Residential Work:   Dirtwork projects for cities, counties, villages, or townships.  We have experience working with the US Army Corps of Engineers, Ducks Unlimited, Nebraska Game and Parks, etc.  We’ll also handle the grading for buildings or houses large or small.

-Road building or rebuilding

-Ditch grading and/or cleaning

-Culvert replacement  and/or extension

-Driveway development or widening

-Wetland restorations

-Fishing and recreational lakes and ponds



-Building Pads

Commercial Projects:

-Coop grain storage facility development

-Fertilizer facility Development

-Substation development and additions

-Ethanol Facility Development

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